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NOMO Vegan Chocolate – Nut free, gluten free & dairy free chocolate in the UK

NOMO's mission is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the delicious taste of vegan gluten free chocolates without feeling like they are missing out on something. The brand's slogan, "No Missing Out" or NOMO, reflects this ethos. That’s why NOMO is here to offer a range of delicious vegan & nut free chocolates that cater to every taste bud in the UK. 

NOMO's vegan chocolate is dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, and nut-free, which is excellent news for anyone who has allergies or intolerances to these ingredients. The NOMO's range of gluten free & dairy free vegan chocolates is extensive, with creamy, gooey, and crunchy options available. One of NOMO's most popular vegan gluten free chocolate bars is the caramel chocolate bar, which was voted the best vegan chocolate of 2020 by Vegan Food UK and 25,000 vegan consumers. 

NOMO Vegan Chocolates - FAQ

For a long time, many vegans and those with food allergies or intolerance were excluded from mainstream chocolate; alienated from the same options that everyone else could enjoy. We wanted to fix this problem so that instead of feeling FOMO, people could finally feel NOMO - No Missing Out  

As well as being vegan chocolate, NOMO is: 

- Dairy Free Chocolate 

- Gluten Free Chocolate 

- Egg Free Chocolate 

- Nut Free Chocolate 

We have a range of vegan & dairy free chocolates suitable for every taste bud – from creamy vegan chocolate to gooey caramel vegan chocolate. And best of all, it tastes just as good, if not better, than milk chocolate. In fact, it’s so good that our NOMO caramel nut free chocolate bar was voted 2020’s Best Vegan Chocolate by Vegan Food UK and 25,000 vegan consumers! So if you fancy a delicious bar of vegan chocolate, try NOMO bar. 

Here at Kinnerton, we have 20 years of experience as a trusted creator of free from confectionery. NOMO was born out of our passion to create a vegan chocolate brand with truly delicious flavours that everyone can enjoy, and we go to exceptional lengths to ensure that NOMO chocolatebars are Vegan & dairy free, gluten free, egg free & nuts free. We aim to deliver the best vegan & nut free chocolates to all chocolate lovers in the UK.

NOMO's commitment to safety and quality is reflected in its allergen management procedures. As a business, we take allergens extremely seriously and everyone who works at Kinnerton has this at the forefront of their thinking. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our NOMO vegan chocolates are safe and free from the major allergens, dairy, gluten, egg and nuts (tree nuts and peanuts), and all of our chocolates are suitable for vegetarians. 

This robust process starts at the very beginning with our suppliers, and we ensure all NOMO vegan chocolate ingredients are free from dairy, gluten, egg, tree nuts and peanuts. Our factory in Norfolk, UK, has a specially segregated part of the factory to craft NOMO. The whole process is carefully managed by our operations and technical teams and is underpinned by detailed allergen management procedures. 

As voted by Vegan Food UK and 25,000 vegan consumers, NOMO is considered the best vegan chocolate in the UK. Even NOMO vegan chocolates are free from dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts, you can always choose your favourite vegan chocolates from our range with various flavours, including Hazelnot, Salted Caramel, Creamy & Orange Crunch etc. NOMO is the best vegan chocolate brand for everyone, every day!

NOMO Vegan Chocolate is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a delicious and satisfying chocolate experience without compromising their dietary needs. Our commitment to safety and quality, coupled with their extensive range of vegan, gluten &dairy free chocolates, makes them the number one choice of chocolate suitable for vegetarians and chocolate lovers. NOMO's chocolates are not only suitable for vegetarians and those with allergies or intolerances, but they are also perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a delicious and healthier chocolate option. With NOMO, you can finally say goodbye to FOMO and hello to NOMO!