Caramel Chocolate

Hello! Is it me you're looking for? Gooey vegan caramel coated in creamy chocolate taste. Indulge in the delicious taste of Nomo's caramel flavoured chocolate bars & easter eggs. This vegan chocolate caramel treat is made with the finest caramel coated in creamy, delicious chocolate – perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

Caramel Chocolate Bars
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Caramelised Biscuit Chocolate Bars
£21.60 / case
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NOMO Caramel Chocolate Selections

Free from dairy, gluten, egg, and nuts, it's 100% vegan and safe for everyone to enjoy. The perfect balance of creamy, gooey caramel and chocolate makes this a must-have snack! Enjoy this magical combination in one scrumptious bar!

One of the best vegan caramel chocolate bars you can taste in the UK. Our customer favourite and Gold winner of the Free From Food Awards 2021. NOMO Caramel Chocolate Bar tastes exactly like a creamy delicious milk chocolate, yet vegan! Don't believe the hype, taste it for yourself and you won't be disappointed.

Creamy, Caramely, Biscuity. All you can get from our UK 2023 brand-new Caramelised Biscuit Chocolate Bars. This caramel and biscuit flavoured chocolate bar has finally come true. The golden ratio between caramel and chocolate and biscuit makes this chocolate bar irresistible.

NOMO Caramel Chocolate FAQ

Caramel and choclate are a classic combination for a reason – these two flavours just pair together so perfectly! Caramel is rich, sweet and gooey, while chocolate is creamy but also has a slight bitternessthat pairs well with caramel. The combination of the two creates a unique and delicious flavour that is loved by all. In addition, caramel and chocolate both have a smooth texture that melts in the mouth, making them a perfect pairing.

There are 195 calories in 1 serving (38 g) of NOMO Vegan Caramel Chocolate Bar.

100%! All NOMO caramel flavoured chocolates are suitable for dairy, egg, gluten, peanut and tree nut allergy sufferers. We have used a non-dairy alternative to milk choclate with caramel flavour so it is safe for everyone.