NOMO Christmas Vegan Chocolate

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NOMO Cookie Dough Reindeers | Vegan & Free From
Chocolate Reindeers 20 x 30g
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Choc Reindeers 20 x 30g - NOMOCHOC
Chocolate Orange Reindeers 20 x 30g
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A novelty-shaped 25-window vegan advent chocolate calendar filled with 24 caramel drops and a caramel bar. Start your countdown with NOMO best-selling vegan caramel chocolate throughout the Christmas month! A perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family.

The favourite amongst vegan chocolate lovers! Two beautifully designed vegan advent calendars are the best advent calendar you will have for 2023 Christmas. Within the stunning 24 Winter Wonderland and Christmas Eve featured windows, you will get 12 Caramel & Sea Salt Vegan Chocolate and 12 Creamy Vegan Chocolate Drops to enjoy. Get your favourite 2023 version NOMO vegan advent calendar before it is sold out!

NOMO no.1 best-selling Xmas chocolate is back! This year a special flavour, Orange Truffle, is here to celebrate the joy of Christmas with you! The clever dairy free Christmas chocolate cookies here at NOMO HQ have made sure they’re not only delicious but vegan and free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts.