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Mixed Chocolate Box
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Are you ready to elevate your holiday season with the exquisite taste of dairy-free Christmas chocolate? At NOMO, we have redefined the art of celebrating Christmas with our ethically crafted chocolates, ensuring that nobody misses out on the joy of chocolate this Christmas. We're delighted to introduce you to our 2023 Christmas Vegan Chocolates, the perfect choice for your festive celebrations.

Kickstart the festive countdown with our specially curated new 2023 Advent Calendar, filled with delightful vegan chocolate surprises behind each door.

Crafted with love, our Hollow Reindeer is not only a visual delight but a delicious chocolate masterpiece that embodies the spirit of Christmas.

Share the joy with our Orange Crunch Sharing Box, a perfect blend of zesty orange and creamy vegan chocolate.

Experience the refreshing taste of mint combined with the richness of vegan chocolate in our Mint Sharing Box.

Indulge in the sweet and indulgent flavours of caramel and chocolate with our Caramel Sharing Box.

Make the little ones' Christmas extra special with our Kids Selection Box, designed to bring smiles and sweetness.

Our Choc Fudge Reindeers are the embodiment of pure chocolatey bliss, a must-have for every chocolate lover.

Satisfy your cookie cravings with our Cookie Dough Chocolate Reindeers, a unique blend of indulgence.

Explore a medley of flavours with our Mixed Chocolate Box, featuring a variety of vegan chocolate treats

Christmas is a time for sharing and joy, and at NOMO, we believe that includes everyone. Our dairy-free Christmas chocolates are carefully crafted to cater to a wide range of dietary preferences. Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle, are lactose intolerant, or simply seek a guilt-free indulgence, our chocolates are perfect for you. You can enjoy the rich, creamy flavours without any dairy content.

At NOMO, we believe that Christmas is a time for joy, sharing, and delectable treats. Our 2023 Christmas Vegan Chocolates are designed to make this holiday season truly memorable for you and your loved ones. Explore our range, embrace the festivities, and savour the magic of NOMO this Christmas. Make your holiday moments sweet, guilt-free, and unforgettable with NOMO.